Share Your Favorite Holiday Treats

The Benicia Public Library invites members of the community to share their favorite holiday treats and stories and maybe pick up a new holiday tradition from others.

Mother and daughter baking

Baking has long been a cherished method of passing down traditions from one generation to the next. Many baking traditions are deeply rooted in cultural heritage. Families pass down recipes that have been part of their culture for generations. Elders teach the younger members of the family how to bake, sharing techniques, tips, and the importance of various ingredients and methods. As the history behind the recipes and anecdotes about family gatherings are shared, these stories become part of the recipe's tradition and connect the present with the past. By passing down baking traditions, families ensure that their heritage, values, and memories are carried forward. It's a way of honoring the past while also looking to the future. Overall, baking serves as a tangible and sensory way to pass on cultural, familial, and personal traditions. It's a delicious and heartfelt means of preserving heritage and connecting generations. Holiday baking in particular serves as a wonderful tradition that brings families together. When we gather in the kitchen, sharing recipes, techniques, and stories to create delicious treats, we foster a sense of togetherness, allowing for bonding and creating lasting memories.

Beginning Monday, November 27, share a treasured family holiday recipe and a story to go with it. Tell us what this particular treat means to you, what does it evoke, who does it make you remember. Recipes and stories will be shared on the Library’s website for others to try and enjoy.