The Library has two (2) meeting rooms available for public use on a first come, first serve basis, when not reserved by the Library and/or recognized departments of the City of Benicia for official business. These rooms are available only for meetings of a civic, cultural and/or educational nature.

The Board of Trustees of the Benicia Public Library established the policy below regarding use of the Library’s meeting rooms. The Library Director or an authorized representative has authority to issue permits for the use of the Library meeting rooms and grounds, subject to the conditions and requirements attach below.


Edna Clyne Room

The Edna Clyne meeting room holds 20 people. It is equipped with a large conference table, 20 chairs, white dry marker board and projection screen.

Dona Benicia Room

The Dona Benicia Meeting Room can seat up to 75 people, theater style. It is equipped with 75 chairs and 10 tables, a portable white dry marker board, projection screen, podium and public address system. This room can be partitioned into two separate spaces that can accommodate 50 people each.

There is a kitchenette that can be used to prepare nonalcoholic beverages and light refreshments, but not full meals. Catered and/or prepared food may be brought in.

A garden patio is accessible directly from the Dona Benicia meeting room. Suitable for group functions, organized use of the garden space needs to be arranged, in advance, with library staff.

The Library facility itself is not available for use.

Meeting Room Application

Meeting Room Policy

Hold Harmless and Release Statement

City Insurance Form

Personal Meeting Room Insurance Sample