Photography and Filming

Policy on Filming and Photography in the Library (Non-Commercial)

The Board of Library Trustees of the Benicia Public Library has established the following policy regarding filming and taking photographs in the Benicia Public Library building at 150 East L Street.

For all commercial photography and filming, a permit must be obtained from the Parks & Community Services Department.

Photography and filming are allowed in the Library under the following conditions:

  • Permission must be obtained from the Library Director or designee in advance.
  • Rules of conduct must be followed at all times.
  • Disrupting or disturbing use of the library by other library patrons is not allowed.
  • Photos of children under 18 are not allowed to be taken without the child’s parent’s/guardian’s permission.
  • Photos or film of persons 18 and older must not be taken without their express permission. Permission should be obtained in the least disruptive manner possible from everyone who will be involved.
  • Library furniture may not be moved without permission.
  • Aisles, doorways, and other public areas may not be blocked by tripods, cords or other photographic equipment.
  • Conversations and noise while taking the photographs or filming must be kept to a minimum.

The library reserves the right to deny permission to take photographs or to film. The intent is to protect the rights and the privacy of individuals using the library to work or study.

Adopted: December 10, 2015

Section 7.11