Benicia Community Seed Library Guidelines

The Benicia Community Seed Library encourages community cooperation by providing free access to seeds for all.  The Seed Library is a self-service seed sharing library provided by the Library.  No library card necessary!

Donations can be saved seeds or unused portions of commercial seed in original packaging. We encourage heirloom or open-pollinated seeds and plants that are well-suited to growing conditions in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Visit the Community Seed Library in the Benicia Public Library – look for a cabinet and a little free library structure near the reference desk.

Borrowing Seeds

  1. Browse seed collection: Seeds are organized by plant families.
  2. Take what you need: Put seeds in envelopes. Take 2-3 seeds for every plant you intend to grow this season.

Donating & Returning Seeds

Saved Seeds

  1. Plan ahead: Read the How to Save Seeds Brochure, or consult our other resources.
  2. Plant and harvest: Let some plants go to seed. Save seeds for yourself and the Seed Library.
  3. Complete envelope: Fill out a separate envelope for each type of seed you are donating. Include as much information as possible.
  4. Place seed envelopes in the container located on top of the cabinet.

Commercial Seeds

Place sealed seed envelopes in original commercial packaging in the donation container located on top of the cabinet. Unopened OR partially used seeds are accepted (please reseal opened packets).

Get Involved!

Do you have questions or want to volunteer to help maintain the seed library?

Contact us at 707-746-4343.