Free Public Wifi

Benicia Public WiFi (Benicia-Public-WiFi) available free inside and outside of the Library in the parking lots and amphitheater area behind the library. Wireless Internet is FREE.

To login:

  1. Go to Settings and WiFi on your device.
  2. Select Benicia-Public-WiFi
  3. When the login screen comes up, check mark "I accept the terms of use."
  4. Click Connect button.

Wireless Printing Instructions

Internet and Computer Use

The Benicia Library has 10 computers for Internet use.

  • All the Internet computers have programs for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and photo editing.
  • These computers have a maximum of three hour use per patron each day.
  • Printing costs $0.15 per black and white page and $.50 per color page.
  • Refer to the Library's Internet and Electronic Information Use Policy for exact guidelines.

The Benicia Library has one computer that does not connect to the Internet.

  • This computer may be used for word processing, spreadsheets and other programs.
  • This computer is on a first come - first serve basis.
  • Printing from this computer is $0.15 per page and only prints in black and white.

Public Computer Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a PIN number?

When you use your library card, the last 4 digits of your phone number is your PIN number. If you forgot which phone number you used when you registered for a card, you can ask a librarian for assistance.

If I just walk into the library, can I still get on the Internet?

Yes. If you have your library card and there are available computers, it is not necessary to make a reservation.

Am I required to have a library card?

Visitors, temporary residents and others without a library card should see a library staff person for assistance.

How long can I use a computer?

The sessions are three hour sessions at a time, with a limit of one hour per day. Time can be added if there are at least five open computers.

Does the library track what I am looking at on the Internet because I’m using my library card?

No. When your session ends and you log off, the system automatically deletes from the computer hard drive all information about any Internet sites you visited or work you have done.

When I logged on, the computer indicated that I only had a few minutes available. Why don’t I have more time?

This means that you have already used most of your time for the day.

How will I know when my session is ending?

You will receive warnings at ten minutes and two minutes before the end of the session. When the session is over the system automatically logs out.


All of the 10 internet computers provide access to the catalog.


The Library has Chromebooks for public checkout. Chromebooks are laptops that can connect to the internet through any accessible WiFi network—including the one you create by firing up a hotspot. The devices can be reserved through the Library’s catalog by typing in the word Chromebook, or you can call the Library at 746-4343 to place a hold. These devices can be borrowed for up to three weeks only and are not renewable. Borrow one, plug it in and while it is charging up, read the instructions carefully.

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HotSpots are devices that provide access to the internet. They can be borrowed one per household for three weeks. They will provide access to the internet for up to 6 devices.