Teen T-Shirt Design Contest

DEADLINE: February 22 at 5 pm

It's Tax Time!

Because of IRS budget cuts, many of the forms and booklets will not be available except to print out from the website or copy on our copy machine.   You can order any forms and booklets to be mailed to you by going to www.irs.gov/orderforms.

We will have copies of the 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ instructions available for use in the library or check out by Tuesday, January 20.


Ever Wonder What the Staff Is Reading?

For full book descriptions.


Library Newsletter

The Library Newsletter comes out monthly and includes articles about the library and our programming. Monthly statistics are also included. A paper version can be found in the Library at the kiosk.

Learn a Language in a New Way

Mango Languages now has 32 subject-specific short courses such as Loan Words in Japanese, Romance in Italian, Biblical Hebrew, and Flamenco Dancing. Once you have entered Mango and logged in with your library card, instead of choosing a language, select Speciality Courses.

They have also created a new way to learn a foreign language that includes film.  This is available in Mandarin, Japanese, ESL for Spanish Speakers and more. 

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